Questions about your credit?

Change your credit~Change your life

  • How can I quickly get my credit ready for a Home Mortgage?  

  • Can Charge offs & Collections be deleted off my credit report? 

  • Are Medical Collections easy to delete off my credit report?

  • What about late payments?  Can I get those deleted as well? 


Credit Coaching & Consulting 

It is said that "Cash Is King", well I say to you "Credit is Queen". If you're thinking about getting any type of financing, your credit needs to be as pristine as possible. Whether you are trying to purchase a home, a car, take out a business loan, or get some much needed credit cards, getting your credit profile in order should be a priority. In today's financial world, your credit profile, score, & history is your most important asset.

Getting started can be a daunting task & many people get discouraged & disillusioned before they even start. But The Credit Cowboy is here to help you through the process & to provide insight & clarity.

At Credit Law Solutions I always start off each client with a Free Consultation in which we will discuss your current credit situation. We will go over your goals, where your credit score currently is, where your credit score needs to be, & how we can help get you there in the quickest way possible.

I will coach you throughout the process to give you peace of mind, take away the uncertainty & worry so that you can focus on the prize; a credit score that will open doors for you that were once tightly shut. We will put a custom plan in place to improve your credit score, build your financial profile, & move you closer to realizing all your dreams.

Credit Solutions That Really Work

Credit Law Solutions is the # 1 rated credit repair firm in the nation, & the # 1 choice for first time home buyers to deliver solutions that help resolve their most complicated credit needs.


Our rigorous 4 step dispute process legally challenges every credit consumer law available to our clients. Credit Law Solutions enforces your legal rights as a consumer.  We contest the accuracy of items on your credit report & put the burden of proof on the Credit Bureaus, original creditor, & collection agencies that all information is correct. 


We’ve had success permanently removing:

  • Collections, late payments, & charge-offs

  • Even short sales, foreclosures, Bankruptcy & judgments

  • With these deletions the clients FICO scores have risen accordingly & often dramatically.

Credit Cowboy Coaching & Consulting
15 min
Free Consultation
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