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Credit law Solutions has been a blessing to us. We were referred to Steve Altonian (The Credit Cowboy) by our loan officer. We had been trying for a few years to raise our credit score but had no success. When speaking to Steve the first time he was so honest and positive about our situation. Our credit was in the 500's due to a foreclosure & over 70 medical bills that had been sent to collections. We have been working with Steve and his company for 5 months & have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. We just got our approval letter for our loan yesterday & are soon to be going into escrow with the help of Credit Law Solutions and Steve Altonian. Thank you Steve for all your hard work and May God Bless You for the work that you do in making it possible for us to own our dream home!

-The Mullins Family Hanford, CA

Who would have thought it possible to raise one's credit score 81 points in only 13 days!  That's the impressive result thanks to Steve Altonian, The Credit Cowboy.  After being referred to Steve by a lender, he went right to work with very little effort from us.  Thanks so much Steve...

-Kathleen Cohn San Francisco, CA

After a very contentious divorce and an ex that spent the past several years completely destroying our credit, Steve Altonian and his team at Credit Law Solutions were amazing.  Each and every person I spoke with was helpful and courteous.  By following their advice and working with them, my credit score improved a full 100 points in six months.  As I write this, I've just received my deposit back from the secured credit card I opened at Steve's suggestion.  My credit limit on this card was also tripled based on my payment history.  Repairing your credit is tedious and exhausting, but by working with Steve and his team, they simplified the process, did all the "heavy lifting" and I am now well on my way to an excellent credit score!

THANKS Steve!!!

-Denise Vassallo Redmond, WA

I just want to say great things about my experience with Credit Law Solutions.  A big thank you to Steve Altonian and his team on their AMAZING work. I started my process in Jan.2017 and now my score improved 168 points!!! That's just AMAZING to me. Thank you, Thank you for the awesome work you guys provide. And now I'm closer in achieving my goal of becoming a HOME owner really soon. Thank you again and I'm beyond thankful.

-Yesenia Pinedo Northridge, CA

If you're anyone like my husband and I who did not seem to care about out credit in our younger days and now suffer with credit issues. I highly recommend you contact credit law solutions. Steve Altonian was amazing I have to admit I was a little skeptic about paying someone I never met I'm person, but Steve was awesome he went above and beyond to help my husband Alvaro repair his credit. He took his credit score which i believe was 400 and turned it into 702 within a matter of a month. 


I was so amazed by his great work and because of him we were finally able to purchase our first home two months later. I have now referred my sister to him and know he will do an awesome job . Steve keep up the good and hard work it's very hard to find someone who understand anyone's else's struggles in this world now days. Thank you again and we greatly appreciate all your hard work and the team who assists.

-Denise Donato Downey, CA

I was referred to Steve Altonian by a lender to help with getting my credit on track for purchasing my first home.  After sitting with Steve and his team to review my credit and what they can offer, I was on board.  It took only 5 months to get my credit ready for the home buying process.  I had a total of 9 deletions removed from my credit report!!!!!

They are amazing individuals & are determined to get people back on track with their credit.  Steve, & the rest of the team, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  Love you guys!!!!!

                                                  Michell Carpenter Los Angeles, CA

Steve Altonian is the best! I live in Boise Idaho and my lender told me to give these guys a try. Yes there is a start up fee, and yes there is a month to month fee... why wouldn't there be. They are doing lots legal paperwork and dealing with personal info. My credit scores were a 499, 505, and a 523 before this started due to some collections, late payments, and hard inquiries.


I work for a major Dealership in Idaho and was very cautious about giving my personal info and debit info. But I was very impressed, Steve emailed back all the time when I had questions, and called me when I asked him to call me! Never pushy and very respectful. It took about 2 months before I begin to get letters from the credit reporters stating that all these negative events were being removed from my files. I monitored my credit with multiple reports and everything that I got in the mail was true and coming off my credit. In a matter of 6 months my credit score had gone up to 601, 618, and 630! I will be closing on my house the 30th of this month due to Steve and his team at Credit Law Solutions ! I will be recommending everyone to Steve and I am beyond excited about what they did for me! Great service! Thanks again!

-Scott Patton Boise, ID

My son was trying to prequalify for a home.  He had a collection account he didn't know about.  Our loan specialist recommended Steve Altonian and let me tell you he is THE real Credit Cowboy.  They worked their magic within weeks, not months but a couple of weeks. (JC) my sons credit score improved by 120 points.  Angie Rodriguez was helpful and available anytime we had questions.  I'm definitely going to spread the word to family & friends that needs credit repair.  Just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!  Credit law solutions rocks.

-Cindy Shoup San Diego, CA

Life doesn't always go the way you plan.  I've had to deal with divorces, child support, tax issues, bankruptcy and even more.  Most recently, There was a fire at my apartment complex that took out the entire building next door to me.  I took this as a sign that it was finally time to buy my own home.

I checked out the FHA website, answered a few questions and was contacted rather quickly by Mortgage Company,  After my discussion with them, they put me in touch with Steve at Credit Law Solutions.  Steve quickly reviewed my credit with me over the phone.  I knew there were a few medical bills on my credit, and I knew the bankruptcy was there as well.  But I didn't know there was a tax lien on my credit that had been there for almost 7 years.

Steve told me that it would take about 30 - 45 days, but there was a good chance that we could remove all of these items from my credit report.  I was a little hesitant.  I had heard before that many of these things you can do yourself.  But that takes time and a lot of "know how."  But I decided to go ahead a pay for the service since I really wanted to get the house hunting started.  Just as Steve said, little by little I started to see these items drop off.  The medical bills were first.  They had already been paid, but showed as collection accounts.  The next thing I know they were completely removed from my report.

It took some patience on my part, but at about 40 days in I saw the tax lien removed from my credit.  This was the one thing we had been waiting on to get pre-approved for a mortgage.  So I was very happy and contacted my mortgage broker to get the process started.  It was then I learned that my mortgage broker had been in contact with Steve and discovered that the bankruptcy had been removed too!  That was it... within days I had my pre-approval letter and started looking for a house.

My credit score has gone from 636 to 685 in just 45 days.  That may not seem like much, but it's the difference between struggling to get a mortgage and being automatically approved..I'm still working on finding a home, but in the meantime I'm working on getting my credit score even higher.  Steve let me know that getting my credit card usage down below 10% of my total credit availability would help raise my score as well.  As you can tell... I'm a fan.  I was a little surprised by the initial startup fee, but after seeing the results it turned out to be well worth it.  Especially when you look at everything that happened:

- Medical Collection Accounts Removed
- State Tax Lien Removed
- Bankruptcy Removed
- Pre-Approved for a Mortgage up to $250,000

And all I had to do was patiently wait for the results.  Yes... definitely worth it.

-Grant Bunting Westerville, OH

Very pleased with my results! See my attached photo :) check out Steve, he's a life saver!

                                Starting FICO scores:                  Ending FICO scores:  

                                Equifax:      583                        Equifax:      700

                                Experian:    640                        Experian:    705

                                Transunion: 599                        Transunion: 706


                                          -Lekieah Williams  Los Angeles, CA

I was in the process of trying to refinance my house since early summer. With all the new bank requirements, it is a very unpleasant experience. Every time I did something that the bank requested, another requirement popped up. This went on for months. Just when I thought we were at the the end (n December now) the bank ran my credit score for the last time and found it dropped about 50 pts due to a missed payment for $50 on my Best Buy CC.


My loan officer referred me to Steve Altonian at Credit Law Solutions. After a short conversation with Steve, discussing my goal, he and his team went to work. In 2-3 short months, my credit score jumped from a 642 to a 731. More could have been done to raise it but I got it where I needed it to be. I am a believer! This was the best thing that I ever did. Well worth the fair price! I highly recommend.

-Angelo Scala Downers Grove, IL

Steve Altonian is the best!!! Repaired my husbands credit in a month & we were both amazed of how much his credit score increased  Thanks to Steve and his team, we are now able to purchase our first home. I am thankful I found someone we can trust and that will give you results so fast!!! Thank you once again Steve Altonian for your great service and great customer satisfaction.

-Bonnie Villalobos Riverbank, CA

In April 2014 I found a home that I really wanted to purchase but my credit was less than perfect. My loan officer recommended that I work with Steve Altonian of Credit Law Solutions. I gave Steve a call explaining some of the many issues I was having with my loan because of my various credit issues, including having no Fico score! 

Steve was very patient with me over the next two months as we worked diligently on my progress. I personally required constant updates and took a lot of his time, but he was always willing to guide me through the process and advise me as needed. Steve and his staff displayed a high level of knowledge and customer service - both of which I appreciate immensely. 

Slightly less than two months later I sent Steve a thank you email forwarding the email from the lender stating I had been approved for the home purchase loan. Steve immediately called me so we could share in the good news together after working very hard to reach this goal. 

I am so thankful for the amount of time that was spent on my case and I'm sure he has many other clients but he remained optimistic throughout the process and kept me up to date on the progress we had made. A big thank you for a job well done!

-Lisa Morrill Santa Barbara, CA

Steve and team at Credit Law Solutions did a fantastic job of getting some negative marks off of my credit report quickly. They are very professional and quick with response time. I would highly recommend them. They where able to eliminate an old debt of $70k.

-Farid Khansarinia Chino Hills, CA

My name is Jaime Fonseca. 4 months ago an acquaintance recommended me the service that these great people offer for people like me who needed help to fix or improve my credit. At first I had my doubts if they could really help me. To my surprise at the end of four months they were able to clean up my credit and erase everything I had, that had kept me from getting any type of loan. Steve Altonian,  and his entire team are great. I remember when they started working on my credit, my score was 677, and now, four months later my score is 794. The only advice I can give you, is to let yourself be guided by them and do exactly as they ask. 

I am very happy to have worked with them, thanks to them I can now qualify for a mortgage loan. The process was not expensive and worth every penny. Do not hesitate to contact them if you are in the same situation I was four months ago. I definitely recommend their service.  Thank you...

-Jaime Fonseca Escondido, CA

I signed up with Credit Law Solutions in the beginning of 2017, 8 months later I am now approved for a home loan!  Steve Altonian & his team were very responsive when it came to checking in on me and my husband. They were quick to respond back to all my emails and call with updates! I can't thank them enough for helping me get to where I needed to be!!! I will definitely recommend any I can who needs help with there credit scores!

-Courtney Moore Lutz, FL

I was very skeptical in my dealings with Credit Law Solutions, the people I spoke with were very kind and confident, that they could help me. It was like talking to a car salesman. I did some research, read these reviews, even called the BBB which of course had no information.


I spoke with a very pleasant man, Steve Altonian and we went through every line item on my report. Steve would tell me whether or not it was plausible to get it removed or not. I finally agreed to sign up for the monthly fee to repair my credit. This started in August of 2015. Here we are in November and guess what...... Turns out that Steve Altonian isn't a liar or a fraud. The man and the company, so far has kept their word on what they said they could do. I have had 16 deletions, since September. I have the reports from the credit bureau. I HAVE THEM. I have the proof, I didn't have to rely on somebody's words that things were happening . I have the proof. If I email Steve or his team, I get a response within 24 hours. This company has helped me repair stupid mistakes of being young, and has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities and change, and to top it off guess who referred me. My mortgage lender two states away. I had to call Washington, to find out about Credit Law Solutions. Why would someone whose life depends on commission, recommend a company who doesn't get results?


Can Credit Law Solutions help you? You wont know unless you call, and guess what, if you don't like the service then don't buy it, but you cant judge a company until you try it. I am a happy customer, even if some of you aren't. If anyone has any questions or comments let me know, I will be happy to respond. Thank you Credit Law Solutions and a very heartfelt thanks to Steve & his team, you guys are amazing.

-Daniel Butler Fresno CA

Steve and his team are the best. Credit Law Solutions helped me repair my credit in a few short months and allowed me to close on my new home. Throughout the entire process, the team kept me updated and had excellent customer service. I appreciate all their professionalism and support. This is a Top Notch company.

-Joshua Terry Houston,TX

Credit Law Solutions, Steve Altonian and his team did exactly as they initially estimated...and then some.  With my and my wife's scores in the low 600's, they were able to dispute and remove most items off our credit reports...resulting in our scores to improve across the board.  I'm right under 700 and my wife is just over 700 now!  

Ultimately, it did cost a little more than what I wanted to spend. However, we didn't get into this situation overnight and I couldn't expect to get out of it overnight.  And sometimes paying more does mean you get better it did in this case.  I will recommend Credit Law Solutions and Steve's team whenever it's appropriate and needed.  They were professional and never once gave me any reason to be concerned.  Thank you!

-Ed Wake Henderson, NV

Steve Altonian helped me to get over 70k in collections removed from my credit report.  This was done in a little over a month. Thanks Steve for helping to put me in position to get a new home.

-Misty Ellington Kennesaw, GA

I was referred to Credit Law Solutions through my broker to improve my FICO score to obtain a better mortgage loan.  When I called Steve, he explained exactly how their process works, what was expected of me, and he provided a modest forecast of time and score increase I could expect.  When I started with Steve and his team in November 2015, I was recovering from a divorce and my score was below 600.  For the next 3 months I stayed compliant with their instructions and forwarded ALL my creditor and credit reporting bureaus' letters to my case manager.  She was very polite and provided me with regular, monthly updates on the status of her work.  


I periodically checked my scores (Credit Karma) and continued to forward all mail responses to them as promised.  Three and half months later I received the following statement from my broker:  "Just so you know, when looking at your scores from the 3 bureaus, your official score is the middle one.  So, throwing out the high (788) and the low (707) makes your official FICO score 761, which is the one used to make credit decisions. 761, not too shabby!  Well above 740 which is the cut off for A+. 

Do I recommend Steve and his team?  Yes!

-Joseph Metro Martinez, CA

I recently worked with Credit Law Solutions to correct a low credit score. My scores were 689 for Equifax and 691 for Experian and Transunion didn't even have a score for me. After working with Steve Altonian and his team for less than 3 month, they were able to raise my scores to 754, 732 and 755! I would highly recommend Steve and his team for any credit issues you have. They were extremely professional and their work speaks for itself..

-Dr. Wayne Rebarber Highland Park, NJ

I was referred by my Loan officer Jon Rittmueller at Advisory Lending Group in Washington State. He had me call Steve Altonian who helped get my top credit score from 626 to 702 in just 45 days! He told me now I could turn off the service since I would most likely be approved for a home. I found this very Trust worthy of him to do rather than trying to get me to spend more unnecessary money.


It might look expensive, but the amount of money I am going to save from having a lower interest rate for the next 30 years makes it more than worth it. It was a team effort, he helped get some items off my credit report and he helped me understand what I needed to do to get my credit up.

-Caneron McGinniss Lake Stevens, WA

Thank you Credit Law Solutions!  I had 3 Tax Liens removed in 2 months time.  Steve and crew are amazing!!!

-David Breault Menifee, CA

My Loan officer recommended Steve Altonian.  I have been with Steve for now for 4 months. This company cleared quite a few things on both my wifes and my credit reports amazing what the reports and credit scores are like now.


Steve was quite honest with me and gave me basically instructions to follow. We set discussed what the objective was and made a plan and made it happen!! I called Steve quite few times and emailed quite a bit with questions and he always helped and seriously jumped my numbers up on my resports!!  started at 660 and currently at 724 and climbing. Wife jumped from  636 to up 760 on 1 report and 709 !!! amazing and again the amount of things on my spouses report where ALOT!  


Anyhow, I highly recommend Steve and Credit Law Solutions.

-Tom Diaz Ladera Ranch, CA

Steve Altonian helped my daughter and her fiancée' improve their scores tremendously in less than 90 days so that they could qualify for a home loan.  Thanks Steve

                                Starting FICO scores:                  Ending FICO scores:  

                                Equifax:      0                            Equifax:      658

                                Experian:    694                        Experian:    680

                                Transunion: 598                        Transunion: 658


                                          -Kathy Murray Modesto CA

This experience was such a surprise and turned my head around on this subject.  I have never had faith or believed in these credit repair companies, but my mortgage broker insisted I give CREDIT LAW SOLUTIONS a try and I am very, very happy I did!  Skeptical at first, I made a low committment but after a few months unwanted and damaging items began to come off report which in turn drove up my score.  I am continuing to work with Steve Altonian and the gang over there so that I can have the best credit score possible. 


I can not event fathom doing all of this work myself so this is money extra well spent.

-Paul DaSouza Venice, CA

This Firm is amazing ....I went from a 448 to 740 in less than 2 months... really great people. Simple steps to follow..easy and affordable. Ask for Steve Altonian...He's great

-DaShawn"Happie" White West Hollywood, CA

I signed up with Steve Altonian at Credit Law Solutions to repair my credit & begin home loan approval. I had only been signed up 2 months & he did an extraordinary job fixing my credit in the short time of less than 2 months!  I was shocked!!  From low 600 to over mid 700's!  Stephen was great in working with me and has helped me more than he knows!!  Thank you Stephen at Credit Law Solutions!!   I would recommend and refer anyone I talk to you...

-April Ashcroft Fountain Hills, AZ

Steve Altonian was very responsive, professional, and got the job done in 2 short months.  I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their score.

-Kimberly & Kevin Frace San Diego, CA

I had an amazing experience!  I started working with CLS in April of 2017.  I had a very specific goal of getting my median fico score over 700. Steve Altonian coached me every step of the way.  On their end, they disputed negative information on my credit report.  I took their advice and paid off as much debt as I could (bringing my credit card balances below 50% utilization). I achieved the following results in 2 months!

Equifax:      Was 643 now 691
Experian:    Was 657 now 711
Transunion:  Was 637 now 707

I could not be more satisfied.  Thanks again, you are my heroes!

-Marty Hietsch East Sandwich, MA

Steve did an excellent job. He and his team communicated throughout the whole process with me. They were always available to answer any questions or concerns. I highly recommend them

-Daniel Carroll Sparks, NV

I made Steve Altonian promise me a 50 point bump on my credit score and Credit Law Solutions totally exceeded my expectations.  I do not have the time nor the desire to do this type of thing for myself so CLS was the easy way out for me.  I didn't mind paying for it monthly because I knew it wouldn't get done if left up to me.  All I was responsible for was sending in the credit bureau responses and CLS took care of the rest.  


I am now able to qualify for a better property as a first time home buyer and have more buying power.  Woohoo!

-Jennifer Lucien Kailua-Kona, HI

Steve Altonian is truly amazing, I went from having a zero score due to past due accounts to 681. I have and will continue to refer Steve to my friends and family.   Thank for everything!!

-Yolanda Solis Modesto, CA

I was referred to Steve Altonian by my loan officer. I was needing to close in a months time as I was already in contract.
I needed one point to get my loan.  I called Credit Law Solutions. In the midst the loan requirements changed and I needed 21 points instead of 1 point to be able to get my loan and close on my house.  My credit went up 22 points!

I am able to get my loan and move into my house!

Steve answered all my calls and questions and called me afterwards to check on how the house went!

-Tabitha Morgan Smyrna, TN

I was referred by my loan officer to Steve Altonian at Credit Law Solutions. My experience was amazing he raised my credit score by 57 points and took 18 negative accounts off my credit report (including a judgement)!! I will be referring all my family and friends to them!

-Amber Carr Elko, NV

I am absolutely amazed and now have peace of mind with having excellent credit again.  From foreclosure of home, defaulted credit cards resulting in lawsuits and repayment my credit is back to 773 with the help of Steve Altonian and Credit Law Solutions in less than 30 days.  I was embarrassed with myself when first reached out to Steve Altonian but he quickly eased my anxiety with his frequent communication and monitoring of my credit.  Bad things happen to good people, I appreciate Credit Law Solutions for making me right again.

-Rodney Eckerty Jenison, MI

I started house hunting about six months back, but couldn't get a good pre approval for a decent mortgage. Debt to income was fine but I had six or seven bad marks on my credit. In two months, credit law and my agent, Steve Altonian, got all but one mark removed completely. My credit score jumped and I got my approval letter. The whole process was easy and effective.

-Aaron Whitrock Parker, CO

Can't say enough good things about Steve and team. I was skeptical at first but Steve came through as promised not only on score improvement, but also quicker than he originally estimated for me. I needed my mid-score above 720. When I signed up it was 707 and after 2 short months it had improved to 792!!


The value to my family is tremendous. I recommend Steve 100%

-Sanjay "Sonny" Koliwad Montrose, CA

Steve Altonian is the best I have ever seen at credit repair assistance. He got a 23,000.00 Charge off on a Auto Loan off my credit report which allowed me to purchase the home of my dreams. To all those people who think credit repair services are a rip off, Credit Law Solutions and Steve Altonian are the real deal. Thank You All so very much for the great service

-Maria Ward Murfreesboro, TN

On the journey to buy a house I needed a boost in my credit rating.  I was referred to Steve.  He made it a painless process.  In less than three months my credit score went from 710 to 788.  


I will now get a better rate on my loan.  The price was great and they handled everything.  I'm very happy and would highly recommend them to anyone trying to improve their credit score.  I have a nice clean report to prove it.  YEA!

-Jonathan Dolan San Francisco, CA

I was referred to Steve by my mortgage company while buying a new house. Very helpful and will help you get results.

-Jason Brinkerhoff Elko, NV

So I was down on my credit score. My father was looking up professionals that repair credit and found credit law solutions. We spoke to Steve Altonian.  Basically it was the easiest and fastest way to fix my credit QUICK. 4 months is all it took. I started at 602 and now I'm at 770. It was so easy!!

Steve gave me directions and I did them just like he asked and now I can fully sync to the rhythm of perfection.

-Jesse "Jay" Green Morgan Hill, CA

Steve was really helpful in pointing me in the right direction to get my credit going again.  Even though he knew there was no reason for me to be a client of his, he still went out of his way to help me out.  It's nice to know people will still do that even when there is nothing to gain on their end.  Thanks

-Chris Schuster Tahoe City, CA

I just wanted to say thank you to Steve Altonian for taking the time to put me at ease. I am in the process of buying my first house and feel like I am walking on egg shells with every step of the way. My loan officer told me to give Steve a call to ask about a couple of credit questions and he got back to me quickly and put my mind to ease immediately.


He is extremely personable, funny and very good at what he does. If you want someone you can trust, give Steve a call!

-Lana Porteous Pacifica, CA

I was referred to Steve from my loan officer and within 6 weeks he improved my credit score 110 points!!!  He also then advised me to cancel my repair services after he raised it enough for me to meet my goals to purchase a house. I honestly was a little skeptical but now that i just got my updated score from my lender I am going to refer all friends and family!!  Thanks Steve

-The Peebler Family Modesto, CA

Steve Altonian has been a great help in clearing our credit. We were in the process of purchasing a new home and were in need of some repair. Steve told me he would jump right on it and boy did he. He was able to get some things deleted and some repaired.


I highly recommend Credit Law Solutions to anyone needing help repairing their credit. Don't try and do it yourself. It isn't worth your time and effort. Put your trust in Steve and Credit Law Solutions.

-Amy Berger Katy, TX

Amazing that in 10 months, our credit was repaired, we had horrible credit and now thanks to Steve Altonian and the crew we will be purchasing a brand new home within the next 30-60 days. I highly recommend credit law solutions!!! Thanks again :D

-Kim & James Goff Elko, NV

I was referred to Credit Law Solutions by a home loan officer.  Steve Altonian @ Credit Law Solutions did an OUTSTANDING job.  My credit score went up over 60 points at all 3 Credit Reporting Services in 3 months.  All the employees @ Credit Law Solutions were very professional and courteous at all times,   very prompt replies to any questions.  


Highly Recommended!!  Credit Law Solutions is the real deal!

-Gary Konigsmark Redlands, CA

I was referred to Steve for my fraud on my credit. He was super informative with everything and kept me updated with the whole process. He promised to have my family and me in a home by July and he was completely serious. In a matter of 3 months, Steve and his team cleared my credit and bumped it up to get approved for my house loan. Thanks Steve. I would 100% recommend him!

-Octavio Velasquez-Garcia Elko, NV

Steve Altonian at CLS was great! He did everything and all I had to do was email in any correspondence from the Credit Bureaus.


Not only was the process relatively quick, but Steve was attentive, courteous, and never rushed through a phone call to answer any questions I had during the process. I would recommend this service to anyone who feels they have unfair, unsavory, or incorrect items on their credit history!

-Rachael Harrell Littleton, CO

We had a great experience with  Credit Law Solutions.  They were very communicative and used effective methods to clean up my husband and my credit reports.  They worked diligently to get our scattered scores up over 50 points.  Would recommend Steve Altonian and his credit cleaning crew to friends and family.

-Eteva Laufasa Los Angeles, CA

I am so excited that I made the decision to use Credit Law Solutions. My credit score rose over 100 points and I was able to purchase 2 cars and take care of some other important business. To know that once you use their service you can call adk for assistance with a small monthly fee is excellent! Working with Steve Altonian, Director of Sales and his Team at Credit Law Solution has been an outstanding experience they are very professional

-Eric Irvine Carson, CA 

The BEST! Professional integrity with personal approach. Steve listened to what we wanted to do, and came up with what we needed to do to accomplish our goals! We recommend Credit Law Solutions to everyone who is serious about getting their "ducks lined up".

-James Magin Puyallup, WA