Full Service Credit Repair


Located in the greater Los Angeles area for the past decade, Credit Law Solutions has helped tens of thousands of people with their credit to achieve their financial dreams.  


At Credit Law Solutions our main focus is to provide each of our clients with personal attention, expedited results and a story that can be pleasantly shared with family and friends.  We have aided countless Americans nationwide with all their credit repair needs. We found that focusing on specific details and offering comprehensive repair options to clients allowed us to break the generic credit repair mold that other companies offer and helped us become known as the most effective and quickest credit repair company in the nation.

We are known throughout the industry for successful removal or correction of erroneous and false information, credit score consulting and education, as well as our commitment to personal interaction and zero automation. Many other companies in our industry thrive on a single dispute process, automation, and dragging on the credit repair process for as long as possible.

We start each relationship with a free consultation to determine your specific credit needs in order to tailor a custom program for you. We employ an industry leading 4-step legal challenge process that ensures the fastest and most effective results possible. Our objective is to help you achieve an optimal credit profile, allowing you to take advantage of the best lending options that are available.

Your Credit Profile Is Your Most Important Asset


If you're thinking about buying a home for the first time, getting your credit profile in order should be a priority.  Your credit profile, score & history is your most important asset.


Should you happen to learn during your pre-qualification that your credit status has temporarily put your dream of becoming a homeowner on hold, Credit Law Solutions can help. We will help you put a plan in place to improve your credit score, build your financial profile, & move closer to realizing your dream of becoming a homeowner.



Credit Solutions That Really Work


Credit Law Solutions is the # 1 rated credit repair firm in the nation, & the # 1 choice for first time home buyers to deliver solutions that help resolve their most complicated credit needs.


Our rigorous 4-step dispute process legally challenges every credit consumer law available to our clients. Credit Law Solutions enforces your legal rights as a consumer.  We contest the accuracy of items on your credit report & put the burden of proof on the Credit Bureaus, original creditor, & collection agencies that all information is correct.  We’ve had success permanently removing:

  • Collections, late payments, & charge-offs

  • Even short sales, foreclosures, Bankruptcy & judgments

  • With these deletions the clients FICO scores have risen accordingly & often dramatically.

We get first-time home buyers credit restored quickly to get their credit score to a qualifying level & into the home they are pursuing.

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