What Loan Officers say

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Steve Altonian The Credit Cowboy at Credit Law Solutions has been a valuable resource for myself & my clients. He is a trustworthy, experienced, & highly proficient credit expert, & he has been able to assist many of my clients with challenging credit scenarios. He works fast, he is accessible & his pricing is very fair. I highly recommend Steve! He has proven himself to be a valuable member of my team!

-Brian McKim-Sales Manager~Skyline Home Loans Glendale, CA

I am a Realtor in San Diego and have been in the business for 34 years.  Over the years, I have had numerous clients contact me-who wanted to buy a home-but couldn't, only because they had issues with their credit. 

I referred these clients to a number of 'credit clean-up agencies', over the years, and  for the most part, they were largely ineffective-and the results were usually poor-and they often charged a lot for the service-even though the results were not there..

That is until I met Steve Altonian. He is truly in a league of his own! Very responsive, professional and knows exactly what to do to achieve great results for people-and in very little time!  For example, I know one person who had had multiple short sales, foreclosures and even a Bankruptcy, showing up on their credit report-from the market crash in 2008.  They could't even get a credit card-let alone buy a house.

Steve was able to get incredible results for them, and within approximately 60 days-there score went all the way up to 712!  The best part is, Steve is not even done yet with helping them raise their score, so that number will be improving significantly in the near future!

If you, or someone you know, is looking to improve their credit score-look no further! Call Steve Altonian- The Credit Cowboy' today! 

-Don Pelletier Real Estate Broker~The Pelletier Group San Diego, CA

I had a medical collection show up on my credit report recently.  I had no idea what it was, so I worked with Steve Altonian The Credit Cowboy with Credit Law Solutions to get it removed.  They got the collection removed from all three bureaus in 21 days.  You can't ask for more than that.  I have also referred clients to Steve over the last few years, & he has done a great job for them as well.  I was able to get my clients mortgage loans that they would not have been able to do without his help improving their credit.

-Guy Keith Personal Mortgage Planner~Finance of America Seal Beach, CA

When I think of Credit Law Solutions and Steve Altonian, simply one word comes to mind....INCREDIBLE!  

Throughout my 15 years working in the real estate & mortgage industry, I've come in contact with hundreds of companies claiming to repair credit.  Sadly to say, each and every one of them had disappointed me until I was referred to Steve at CLS.  The service at CLS is extraordinary!  I am a firm believer in the phrase, "It's not what you say, it's what you do!"  CLS does EXACTLY what they say!

All my clients' credit scores increase over the course of 2-6 months and I continuously receive praise and acquire new business as a result of my affiliation with CLS.  CLS is definitely a great investment; I have seen other companies charge quadruple their rates and achieve a fraction of the results.

In short, CLS is the best I have seen and I give them my highest accolades!  Keep up the good work and don't change a thing.

-Bilal Green Mortgage Planner~Chase Bank Carson, CA

Steve "The Credit Cowboy" Altonian has really gone out of his way to help our clients achieve their goals of homeownership. What I like most about Steve is that his service works! His Company Credit Law Solutions works miracles for our clients and he does it with a servant’s heart. He will never recommend his services unless it truly makes sense for the client. I highly recommend Steve!


-Aaron Page Sr. Mortgage Consultant~On Q Financial Austin, TX

Sometimes there are bumps in the road. In our business, you don’t always have “seamless” transactions. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty and dig up solutions. For a long time, I spent time trying to put my clients on a path to success after they had some unsuccessful credit events. When I could have been out getting new business, I was spending time fixing and coaching my problem children.


Then I met Steve Altonian @ Credit Law Solutions. I sent him one client to test the waters... the client was delighted with his service, and I was delighted when they came to me prepared for a successful loan! So I sent more... and I had more successful closings. The entire “dirty in need of clean up” part of the process handled seamlessly by Steve. To date, I find myself kicking over the clients that just need that extra help and extra step... and find them a few months later ready to go and become homeowners. Steve and his team has not just become a partner, but at times, a fluid part of my loan process.

-Rachelle Thomas-Mortgage Loan Officer~HomeStreet Bank Bend OR

I've worked with quite a few different credit repair providers. Steve and his team are by far the best. They are very honest and have successfully repaired credit for a bunch of my clients. I wouldn't trust anyone else but Steve Altonian and his team to repair credit for my clients. He's extremely responsive and takes great care of my clients. Normally, I get a lot of complaints with other providers, never had a complaint from my clients on Steve or his team!

-Jonathan Tipton Senior Mortgage Planner~BenchMark Home Loans Johnson City TN

Prior to working with Steve I will admit that I was very skeptical of a company and a person saying that they can actually help people rebuild their credit. I am pleased to say I am skeptical no more!!!! My clients have been thoroughly pleased and I am impressed with the “Magic” that Steve has been able to accomplish.


I would recommend sending any borrower to Steve. His quick responses and his hands on service is the best in business hands down. All my loan officers have Steve’s contact information and I encourage all my loan officers to reach out to Steve the minute they run across anyone with credit issues. Credit Law Solutions is the best...

-Dennis Santiago Branch Manager~Mason McDuffie Hilo, HI- Big Island

I am writing to recommend the services of Steve Altonian The Credit Cowboy with Credit Law Solutions. I have been referring Credit Law Solutions to our clients in need of credit repair for the past few years, and have always been completely satisfied. Him and his team do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer great communication between the clients and our team! His team recently moved one of our client’s credit score up 143 points!  I'm happy to recommend the services of Steve Altonian for credit counseling....

-Alicia Chaves-Loan Officer~Academy Mortgage Elko, Nevada

Honestly, I was skeptical when I first started working with Steve Altonian & Credit Law Solutions because of my past experience with credit repair companies. However, his expertise and quick responses made me trust in their services, and one by one I started referring my clients to him as I knew he would give an honest opinion and help them.


I was thrilled with one specific client's credit repair, whom he helped to increase his credit score from 625 to 685 in a span of 3-4 months. Thank you very much for that, & for helping all my clients, and being there whenever I have some questions regarding credit. Just wanted to let you know that your work is much appreciated and I will be happy to refer you to anyone in need of credit repair.

-Eram Lokhandwala Senior Mortgage Advisor~Bank of America San Diego, CA

It's simple; Steve at Credit Law Solutions has proven, in the last 3 years, that he and his staff can deliver results, improving scores between 60 and 80 points per bureau. Upon his initial client analysis, if he cannot increase ones scores he will say so.  If he feels that he can have derogatory items removed, he will also say so.

-David W. Morris-Sales Manager~New American Funding Livermore, CA

I have been working with Steve Altonian at Credit Law Solutions for about 6 months.  I have referred numerous clients to him and his team.  Each one has been thrilled with the customer service and hope that their credit can be repaired. 


I recently had a client with a credit score in the low 600’s that I referred to him. Within 3 months, the credit score is now 766!!  We were able to help this client buy their first home and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Steve and his team.

-Melissa Williams Loan Officer~Guild Mortgage Redmond, OR

I have worked with Steve Altonian over the last several years, his attention to detail and truly caring attitude is what separates him from the pack. He treats each individual with respect and honesty. I highly recommend utilizing Steve.

-Demanche Clemente Regional Sales Manager~PacificBanc Costa Mesa, CA

I received excellent service from Steve Altonian at Credit Law.  I had a client that had been working with another credit repair agency for approximately 6 months with no results.  We were trying to remove a foreclosure that he co-signed on for his son. Once I moved him to Steve...Steve worked with him just a few short months and got the foreclosure removed.  Yippy!  I now have the points I need to refinance his home on a Jumbo loan. 


Steve is awesome at what he does and I HIGHLY recommend him.

-Darlene Zbanek Senior Loan Officer~Starkey Mortgage Denver, CO

Steve did an awesome job with customer of mine, he improved the credit score from 624 to 743 in a matter of 3-4 months.  He was able to remove several collections and a second mortgage charge off account which is not an easy task. Hats off to Steve and his Team for their excellent work.  

Milko Topalov Branch Manager~International City Mortgage Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I used Steve Altonian & Credit Law Solutions on my personal credit profile. Due to their efforts, coupled with my own, my score increased from 604 to 704 in six months from May-Nov. 2013 and my home purchase loan funded Dec.5, 2013.  It was well worth the investment to get some professional assistance, as it was difficult to do it all on my own, even with decades of experience in the Mortgage/Real Estate business.

-Patrick Sell-American Pacific Mortgage~Senior Mortgage Banker/Production Partner

Thank you Steve for your help yesterday with my borrowers and for understanding what I have to do to get them closed.  Appreciate you knowing & understanding about all the Guidelines of what is needed to support this type of loan.  Will be sure to push you more people, you are way better than National Credit Care

-Tim Ross Senior Mortgage Specialist~Guaranteed Rate Chicago IL

It is very rare that I will ever endorse anyone, but Steve Altonian is a long-time colleague of mine who understands both the business of credit repair & loans. When any of my brokers have clients who need credit repair to be qualified for a loan, Steve Altonian at Credit Law Solutions is who I refer my LO’s to.

-April Lopez-Account Executive~HomeBridge Los Angeles, CA

Steve The Credit Cowboy has been extremely helpful in assisting my clients clean up their credit issues. Always very available and knowledgable!

-Maria Limberg Mortgage Advisor~Primary Residential Mortgage Vancouver, WA

Steve Altonian is an awesome addition to my business partner network!  He has a proven track record with me my clients and I am so grateful for him and his team! 


He doesn’t overpromise and he absolutely always delivers!! Steve, you are the man!!!

-Pauline M. Harris-Senior Loan Officer~Southeast Mortgage Atlanta, GA